An Introduction

We want to challenge the silence. We strive to respect and hear all voices. We think there is currently a lack of sufficient public space at Earlham to do so. We hope to add to the current discursive spaces at Earlham with a renewed and revitalized student presence, with students willing to claim our education and to push Earlham to be “fully present.” We offer this paper as a space where such a revitalization and empowerment can occur.

We are a group of students from various backgrounds, majors, and points of view who seek to challenge the dominant discourses we feel are permeating our campus. At a liberal arts institution, we are taught to think critically about ourselves and the world around us, yet we see too many areas on Earlham’s campus in which discussion has thus far not been welcomed. We are frustrated by the claims for neutrality and the staged discussions to include alternative voices. We are upset about the decreasing spaces for sharing student voices and group ideas that may challenge the structures of our school. We are tired of certain voices always being privileged while others are left out.

We hope that this alternative newspaper can begin to create a space for open, welcome discussion of differing opinions. From a multitude of perspectives on myriad topics, we offer this first publication as a starting point to begin the conversation. We by no means wish to devalue any current thoughts or publications existent on campus but rather aim to be an additional source of news and opinion for further discussion. This alternative newspaper offers a place not only for us, the editors, to shed light on important issues not being discussed, but for YOU to do so as well. We welcome anyone to submit articles with the goal of initiating conversation about a particular issue facing Earlham’s campus. Feel free to remain anonymous as we want to encourage all thoughts, even those that sometimes speak to sensitive issues, but keep in mind that you alone are responsible for your words and thoughts. We want to stress that this paper is for conversation, and we will review pieces not on the basis of shock value or for the most radical ideas but on well informed opinions that confront relative situations to Earlham and open the space for good conversation. We hope to be completely open with our selection process of articles and provide the space for a multitude of ideas, receptive to student needs.

If interested, please submit articles, art, poetry, cartoons, or personal pieces to

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